A lot (most, really) of my free time is spent working on side-projects. I tend to favour ideas that have a clear business plan, but I also often get the itch to do a 'weekend project' and open source it.

Free Stuff

Web Apps

CourseCraft is a hosted e-course creator and sales platform – a middle-ground between curated, approval based e-course creators and spending time and money setting it all up yourself.

Bugrocket is a lean, hassle-free bug tracker for small development teams. It stays out of your way and lets you get back to getting things done. Inspired by frustration with alternatives that sneak in heavy project management, which isn't something developers should be doing day-to-day.

Weekend / Open-Source Projects


500 bytes of JavaScript you can drop into a prototype or simple app instead of fancy stuff like async.js.

Mr. Password

Mr. Pasword is a CoffeeScript/Backbone and Bootstrap project which uses the Dropbox API as a password vault, a lot like 1PasswordAnywhere. It uses SJCL for client-side encryption/decryption. I spent a lot of time on tooling so that the result of a production build is a very well contained single page application.

Rails+Stripe Connect

While working at Stripe I whipped up a small demo/example app that integrates Stripe Connect (both OAuth as well as the new managed account features).

jQuery TourBus

This is a guided tour plugin written with CoffeeScript and jQuery which I set out to do in a weekend (a few finishing touches and fixes were made in the following weeks).

I wanted a tour plugin that was easily extensible, that didn't do too much magic. For example if you want auto-progression through the 'legs' in your tour, it's up to you to write a setInterval and call the next method.


An implementation of a solitaire card game, Onirim from Z-Man Games. In Onirim you're trying to escape from an insane dreamworld by finding doors in a deck of cards.

This uses my fancy new React/Redux stack and was a lot of fun to make.